Surviving Post-production

How to Get Into and Survive Film, Advertising and TV Post-production – The Alternative Guide

Learning VFX Compositing Skill 13: 2.5D Relighting

Free online tutorials

Relight for Nuke

Mark Lowne

2.5D Relighting Using RGB Passes

Marko Vukovic

Nuke NDK Relighting Olugin v1.0

Stian Halvorsen

2.5D Relighting in Nuke with Vray

Luca Mignardi

2.5D Relighting Nuke Masterclass 2009– 3 Videos

Roy Stelzer for The Foundry

Nuke 7.0 relighting workflows

Juan Salazar for The Foundry

Relight with Nuke – Theory

Relight with Nuke – Rendering the AOV’s

Relight with Nuke – Workflow Inside Nuke

Nacho Thomas


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