Surviving Post-production

How to Get Into and Survive Film, Advertising and TV Post-production – The Alternative Guide

Learning VFX Compositing Skill 6: Compositing

Free online tutorials

What is Compositing

Digital Tutors

Step by Step Through Nuke – 8 videos


Blending Modes – 2 videos

Compositing – 4 videos


Channel Management in Nuke

Steve Wright

Nuke CG Motion Vector Blur Tutorial

Muro Hazzard

Depth of Field

Josh Clos

CG Compositing

Hakan Andersson

Introduction to Nuke X – 17 videos

Ignis Fatuus Tutorials

Nuke Basic Compositing – 2 videos

Torsten Neuendorf

Watchmen – 3 videos

Greg Astles for The Foundry


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  1. Joseph Lefevre

    Grazie! 🙂

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