Surviving Post-production

How to Get Into and Survive Film, Advertising and TV Post-production – The Alternative Guide

Learning VFX Compositing Skill 3: Tracking/Stabili(s/z)ing

Free online tutorials

Image Transformations

fxphd for The Foundry

Nuke Screen Tracking

Compositing and Integrating the Screen

Jed Smith

Four Point Tracking (if you speak French :))

David Francois

Tracking a Paint Stroke in Nuke


Nuke X Planar Tracker: Intro

Nuke X Planar Tracker: Tracking Multiple Layers

Nuke X Planar Tracker: Rig Removal & Holdout Layers

Nuke X Planar Tracker: Tracking with Chroma Keys

Nuke X Planar Tracker: Correcting Tracking Drift

Dan Ring for The Foundry

Nuke X Planar Tracker


Nuke X Camera Tracker: The Basics

Nuke X Camera Tracker: Lens Distortion

Nuke X Camera Tracker: Solving Stereo

John Starck

Stabilising a Plate with Camera Tracker

David Emeny

Stabilise Using the Reconcile3D Node

Franz Brandstaetter

Nuke 7.0 2D Tracker

Juan Salazar

Mocha Planar tracker

Steve Wright for Imagineer Systems


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