Stanley Kubrick’s – One Point Perspective

One point perspective shots from  Stanley Kubrick films edited together.


  1. Excellent! Problem was, it took me to an interesting place in Youtube and I wound up watching about 2 hours of material – ending up with a documentary on Crop Circles. One evening this week, I need to watch 2001 again.

      • Oh you are lucky to see a 70mm Print. It was oringally shot in Super Panavision 70mm with a 6 track sterio sound track. I first saw the film on this print at the Cinerama cinema in London. This was as near to the modern Imax format that the technology would allow at the time. Sadley, cinerama died after only a handfull of films made for the format.

        Seeing 2001 on that curved screen in Super Panavision70mm was the nearest one could get to being in the film at the time. That the film also turned out to be such a seminal work of cinema just adds to the magic of the memory. Most people only ever see a 35mm print of the film.

        I think I have seen it more than a dozen times. I recently showed it to my young children to explain how classical music is something that they should have in their lives. The great Space Ballet to the sounds of the Staus Waltz was a vehicle to open them up to one aspect artistic experience embeded into a SciFi film they might otherwise miss. (I hated Clockwork Orange but it gave me access to Beathoven that has been a life long love since). They didn’t really get into 2001, they are so used to the modern language of Sci Fi that involves conflict and strife. True SciFi is about ideas. They will come back to it one day.

        Perhaps if I can get them to a viewing of it in 70mm, who knows, maybe it may become embeded in their heads for later reference.

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