Some of the Most Beautiful Things I Have Ever Seen or 3 Days Left to…

…see Hockney.

I went 2 weeks ago.

And I went back today, but this time really early in the morning, just to enjoy the paintings I love.

The giant landscapes of Yorkshire.

The galleries were full of people, milling around in an orderly fashion, and yet engulfed in the type of silence one encounters when facing something sacrosanct.

The continuing queues and the extended hours pay deserved respect to one of the greatest living artists today.

Aren’t these wonderful?

I want to get on the train and go to Yorkshire.


  1. A great artist indeed. He has come back home after some decades in LA where he established his voice. But now he is back in his gentle landscape.

    He left these shores with a paintbrush and returned with an iPad. What a man!

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