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The Book Extract: “I’m an Artist”

Then the first thing you should consider doing is joining the art world.
It is open to new ideas.
It allows you to create original and challenging work.
It lets you question and have an impact on the world around you.
And, most importantly, it has no clients!
Having a client means sitting on the corridor floor crying, as he has asked you to replicate something you created for another job.
Or, even worse, he has asked you to replicate something that someone else has created for another job.
However tempting a list of post-production jobs may be, very few have any creative control – and the ultimate control belongs to the man in a suit holding the wallet.

One comment

  1. I was lucky enought to have started my carreer when it was starting to replace opticla. It was still “Digital Magic” and art. That was a time when they told you and idea and said but you are the creator you are the artist. Then along came shows to reveal all the secrets behind the art, then the avid and all the stuff , the clients could play at home with, Then it turned into I need you to clean up my creative mess. Now it is so cookie cutter and committee driven it does not seem like creative art anymore.So to be creative I get myself lost in z-brush with my own creations, but I do miss thoses creative post production days, and I consider my by gone days a creative blessing.

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